About Me

Hi there. I’m Piet Alberts, I’m a designer and web professional from Cape Town, South Africa. In my secret life I pretend to be a farmer. I live about 100km from Cape Town on a smallholding with my family, two dogs, several chickens, some sheep and a couple of pigs. I love living in the country because it helps me maintain a level of sanity in a high tech always-on work environment. I like to think of myself a Digital-Farm-Guy. If you have a more cooler description to the latter I’m open to suggestions. Look me up on Twitter.

Here’s what I can do for you

Although I enjoy all disciplines of design and online marketing, I really thrive and love everything about interactive design. I like the research and planning stages of projects. I’ve often had to wear the hat of a researcher, information architect, content strategist and wireframer. I know that these are the most important bits of strategy that must be clearly defined before visual designs can be done. Designing web and mobile interfaces is my core strength. My experience as coder helps me to design technically feasible designs that web developers and engineers can easily work with. If you need a UX designer or UI designer for your next campaign or digital product, I’m your man.

A Quick Experience Overview

As a designer I bring a little extra to the table. In my 13 years in the industry I’ve coded HTML, CSS and PHP. Designed and scripted Flash websites. Worked with 3D and video combined with Flash. Designed brand identities and various marketing materials for print. I’ve owned and managed a design agency.

I’ve also owned and managed an e-commerce store. I’ve served a tenure as a creative director at an award winning digital agency. I’ve worked with many digital agencies on top brands and digital advertising campaigns. I’ve helped to build web and mobile applications for banking institutes and alcohol brands.

All this has helped to become a well rounded designer with real world working experience in online marketing tactics such as online copywriting, SEO, Google Adwords, email marketing, social media marketing, web analytics and conversion optimization.

If you have a project that needs a Digital-Farm-Guy, like me, please give me shout. Look me up on Twitter, Facebook or send me a mail.